Commercial Wiring and Rewiring

Rewiring Offices/Buildings & Retrofitting wiring in North Bay, ON

If you are renovating or remodeling your office or commercial property, you may need an electrician to make electrical upgrades, rewire the space, or retrofit the building. Incorrect and outdated wiring can not only wreak havoc on your electricity bill, but cause safety issues for anyone who frequents the space.

Older buildings often have outdated electrical systems that can’t handle modern power loads, and new buildings usually need additional electrical systems put in place. Both situations require the services of a commercial electrician. Our dedicated team of electrical contractors will make sure your business is wired properly and contains the electrical systems you need to keep equipment stable and functioning.



Blue Sky Electrical & Construction services include rewiring office buildings, commercial spaces, and homes. We offer full office rewires, new office lighting and lighting upgrades, circuit installation, electrical receptacle install, and commercial renovation of all kinds.

We can help you plan and incorporate electrical systems that make working in your space more convenient and pleasant for employees. That might look like more outlets for plugs or LED recessed lighting.

Our commercial electricians can also make sure that your employees and customers are safe by testing your electrical systems for faults and inspecting the area for damaged wires, outdated electrical panels, and other electrical issues that may cause harm. Services include:

Electrical panel (upgrade and wiring)


Electrical maintenance


Office lighting


New circuit installation




Electrical equipment installation


EV charging stations

You can count on us to help you with your commercial retrofitting and rewiring projects. Our licensed electricians can visit your property and identify what’s needed to get your business up and running. Whether it’s a total rewiring or minor electrical upgrades, our professional electrical contractors have the experience and knowledge to tackle jobs big and small.

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To arrange for an electrician to visit your commercial, industrial, or residential property and assess your electrical systems. If you already have a project in mind or know the kinds of installations or electrical maintenance your business needs, let us know and we will get started rewiring, repairing, or retrofitting right away.