Generator Installation

As a North Bay homeowner, you’ve probably learned to expect the unexpected. All of a sudden, the basement gets flooded, the electrical panels need upgrading, or you find faulty knob and tube wiring in your attic. But what about when the power goes out? Are you prepared for that situation?

When the electricity goes out in your home, not only can it be a risk to your safety and security, but you’re left without the comforts electricity provides modern homes. Instead of waiting for the local electric company to bring power back, handle power failures like a pro by purchasing a generator.


A couple of the most popular home generators include the following.

Portable generator

Portable generators are able to power your home essentials while you wait for the electricity to come back. They are started manually and then connected to whichever appliance you need to use. Portable home generators typically cost less than backup generators because they can only operate a few appliances at once.

Home Backup Generator

This kind of generator is ideal if you do not want to deal with a disruption in electrical service. Backup generators are usually powered by natural gas or propane and automatically switch on when the power goes out. They are also able to power most of your home’s appliances and electrical devices. A home generator is more expensive than a portable generator, but the investment ensures you’re never without electricity.



If you experience a power loss, a home generator can keep your food cold, your lights on, and your thermostat running. Backup generators come in handy in all kinds of situations, including blackouts, inclement weather, natural disasters, auto accidents, and destruction from animals.
We can help set up a portable or backup generator for your home so that you never have to worry about food spoiling or your appliances shorting out due to power outages. Backup power supply can give you peace of mind during storms, rolling blackouts, and unexpected situations.

Electricians at Blue Sky Electrical & Construction are available to set up a backup generator, as well as provide maintenance and repair. We want to make sure your generator is in good working condition so that if the need ever arises, you and your family don’t have to go without the safety and comfort of electricity.