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Parking Space EV Charging by Blue Sky Electrical & Construction in North Bay, Ontario

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and as drivers turn to these eco-friendly alternative cars, they’ll be looking for convenient places to park and charge. This growing market gives you the chance to boost your business by installing electric vehicle charging stations for employees and customers to use.

Installing a vehicle charging station shows that you are invested in the people who visit your industrial property and that you value a healthy environment and are taking the necessary steps to improve environmental conditions on the planet. There are marketing advantages for eco-friendly businesses, and EVSE charging stations give patrons and coworkers a convenient place to park and charge their electric cars.


Having an electric car charging station installed on your industrial property comes with many advantages. Some of these benefits include:


If you have an electric vehicle charging station, your business will pop up on smartphone apps as a convenient place to park and charge electric vehicles. That means if a potential customer is in the area and they need to charge their car, they have a greater chance of seeing your business on the map and may stop by for a car charge.


Installing an electric vehicle charging station and parking space on your industrial lot not only shows you care about the state of the environment, but it helps spread awareness about the benefits of electric cars and gives people more incentive to purchase their own. The more places that offer convenient EV charging stations, the more drivers will gravitate towards this eco-friendly transportation.


With an EV parking space on your property, you may qualify for tax credits and incentive programs like the Ontario electric vehicle charging station incentive program. This federal program is open to locations with at least 10 full-time employees and it reimburses up to 80% of the installation and equipment.


As an industrial property owner or manager, one of your top priorities is to bring in new business. One way to attract customers is to install an EV charging station. Consumers who drive electric vehicles are more likely to choose businesses that offer parking areas with electric car charging stations. If these potential customers are aware that your industrial business has an EV charging station, it’s likely they will remain loyal to your establishment and increase their time spent there.


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