Office Lighting Upgrades

Office electrical problems are anything but convenient. When employees can’t use office equipment or rooms go dark, productivity goes down. That also means money gets thrown out the window, and not just because you have to open the windows because the air conditioning and fans don’t work.

One thing we know here at Blue Sky Electrical & Construction is that proper lighting is important for promoting comfort and productivity in the office. Dimly lit office spaces, dark hallways, and an abundance of artificial spectrum lighting are not beneficial. To boost productivity and provide a more positive space for coworkers and clients alike, consider upgrading to LED lighting and installing energy-efficient office ceiling lights.

Office lighting upgrades not only brighten a room, but custom lighting can brighten the overall mood of everyone using the area.


We can help you find the best lighting for your office environment by installing different types of lighting and creating a balance to suit your needs. Although there is no perfect formula, our electrical contractors take several things into consideration before suggesting an office lighting plan for your property. Lighting types include:

Overhead lights


Recessed lighting (pot lights)


Ambient lighting


Corrective lighting


Task lighting


Natural lighting (through windows and skylights)

The lighting upgrades perfect for your office will depend on things like your building type, the work produced, staff, and electrical system needs.


If it’s time to improve your office lighting, Blue Sky Electrical & Construction has master electricians ready to assist you with your office ceiling lights and electrical system projects. Whether your office needs rewiring to keep up with your company’s power demands or you’re in an older building and have outdated electrical lighting, our certified electricians are ready to help bring your office lighting up to speed.

Blue Sky Electrical & Construction not only offers office lighting upgrades, but our commercial services extend to include commercial renovation, electrical panel installation and upgrades, electrical maintenance, switch gear installation, new circuit installation, retrofitting buildings, electric car charging stations, and much more. Call us today to see how we can help you complete your commercial electrical renovations and repairs in the North Bay area.