Duct Bank Installation

Replacing and installing duct banks is a specialized service that requires assistance from experienced industrial electricians who understand the scope of work. We offer electrical duct bank installation and replacement to keep your industrial facility operating efficiently and up to code.

The duct bank installation process includes assessments, excavation, backfilling, landscaping, and other important steps that only a team of fully capable electricians can achieve. You can rely on the team at Blue Sky Electrical & Construction to meet the requirements for duct bank installation, replacement, and maintenance.



Duct banks offer several benefits for industrial spaces. One major benefit is that duct banks consolidate large amounts of wiring and protect the cabling outside of buildings.


Duct banks allow industrial property owners to conceal cabling underground. The bundled cabling’s centralized location makes future construction easier to manage.


A duct bank is also beneficial when installing cabling underneath roads and parking lots. The duct bank allows property owners to upgrade, repair, or replace underground wiring without excavating all of the electrical lines.



When installing underground duct banks, trenches and tunnels are prepared to provide support during the installation process. For example, duct banks with protective concrete casing need a trench prepared with materials that can handle the weight of the duct bank while also providing drainage.

If installing cabling under existing construction, the duct bank is first inserted into the ground, then wiring is put through the duct bank conduits using guide wires inside the duct bank. This allows for easy upgrades and electrical wiring repairs in existing duct banks.

If you’re in need of duct bank installation, replacement, or repairs for your industrial property, contact our team of electrical contractors for information on how we can help.