Industrial Electrical Contractors North Bay

Industrial facilities must have hard-working electrical systems in order to support the strain put on them. The electrical demands required often outweigh those in commercial buildings because of the high-voltage systems and electrical panels found in industrial complexes.

If you walk around an industrial building, you’ll also find large pieces of electrical equipment and machinery you wouldn’t see in a commercial space.

The high electrical demands and specialized equipment involved in successfully running an industrial plant require support from electricians who have the necessary experience working on industrial electrical systems.


If you’re looking for an industrial electrician to assist you with an electrical system issue, we offer a range of industrial electrical services:

Industrial Electrical System Upgrade

Whether it’s rewiring an industrial facility or replacing worn out electrical panels, our electrical contractors get the job done to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Installing New Industrial Electrical Systems

Blue Sky Electrical & Construction can plan and install the essential electrical systems that keep your facility up and running. These include electrical panel boxes, electric sub panels, duct, banks, switchgears, three phase power, electrical receptacles, and more.

Repairing Old Industrial Electrical Systems

Just as we can install new systems, we also specialize in repairing existing electrical systems and providing emergency maintenance services. A 24 hour electrician is always available to make electrical repairs so you don’t have to worry about large-scale damage and halts in production.

Industrial Electrical Service Maintenance

We provide inspections to help you determine whether your electrical systems can handle the current electrical loads put on them, as well as whether the systems are up to code. If we find problems, we’ll suggest repairs and provide maintenance before more problems arise.

Backup Generator

Don’t be left in the dark. We can install a backup generator that can power your entire industrial facility in the event of an electrical outage or emergency.


our services don’t stop there!

Our certified electricians can help you with all of your industrial electrical needs, including interior and exterior lighting, transformer replacement, and parking space EV charging stations.