Home Renovation & Remodeling

Remodel and Renovations by Blue Sky Electrical & Construction serving North Bay & area residents.

Blue Sky Electrical & Construction designs and builds home renovation projects from start to finish. Our experienced renovation contractors offer remodeling services of all types and are happy to help homeowners bring their renovation ideas to life.

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or living area of your home, renovations require customized plans and designs tailored to your needs, aesthetic tastes, and budget.

We look forward to discussing your home renovation ideas with you, making suggestions, and constructing a living space that you can enjoy for years to come.


We offer an array of home remodeling services, as well as room additions, interior design renovations, indoor and outdoor lighting installation, and electrical fittings. Some of our most popular home remodel projects include:


As the heart of the home for many families, the kitchen can be a great place to start your home renovation. The kitchen gets plenty of use from homeowners and visitors, so it’s often one area that needs expanding or upgrading. Renovations may include extra space, cabinetry and counters, floor and tiles, backsplashes, and interior design that matches your aesthetic preferences. A contractor can create a kitchen renovation plan that mixes style with function so that you get the space you need and the look you want.


How does your bathroom make you feel? Is it somewhere you want to unwind after a long day or could it use a fresh makeover? A bathroom remodel can transform one of the most important rooms in your home. We can supply and install sinks, showers, tubs, floor, tile, bathroom fixtures and hardware, redesign, provide layout ideas, paint, and much more.


Don’t forget about the basement during your home remodel. This adaptable space is an ideal room to renovate because it can take on a range of forms: lounge area with bar, home theater, office space, recreation and entertainment room, additional bedroom, workshop, personal gym, etc. A basement contractor from our team can install insulation and drywall, provide lighting, add in-floor heating, construct frames, and much more. Call on us to help you build the basement of your dreams.

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Quality and safety are paramount when it comes to the electrical systems in and around residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Our licensed electricians are experienced in servicing homes, offices, industrial complexes, and commercial areas. We pay attention to the details and make sure everything is installed properly and meets code requirements. You can trust Blue Sky Electrical & Construction to provide you with the highest quality customer service, professional performance, and results that exceed your expectations.