Electrical Sub Services

As your North Bay, Ontario electricians, we strive to provide reliable electrical sub services to industrial facilities. We understand how important it is to keep your electrical systems operating properly so that business runs smoothly and safely. If your facility’s electric sub panels need repairing or replaced, our team is here to help.


An electric sub panel (also called service sub panel and circuit breaker sub panel) is an additional electrical system that feeds off the main electrical panel. Electrical sub panels do not add more electrical power, but they do make electrical services running from the main panel more efficient and easier to manage.
Basically, you can think of an electrical subpanel as a satellite circuit breaker panel that houses its own breakers.


Electric sub panels are useful where there are large amounts of energy needed. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties benefit from electrical sub panels when they need to power rooms or buildings outside of the main building, such as a detached workshop, basement, or garage. These additional panels also provide an electrical service extension to commercial equipment and industrial facilities that need large amounts of energy to power heavy machinery.
We can also install additional sub panels if there is no room in your existing electrical panel for new circuits. If you don’t want to purchase a large electrical panel, an electric sub panel is an ideal alternative.

Installing an electric sub panel can save time and money by reducing the number of circuits connected to the main panel. Running multiple individual circuits from a remote location back to the main electrical panel will cost more than running a single high-amp circuit that’s divided into smaller circuits from a sub panel.

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