Industrial Electrical Contractors Ontario

Our electrical contractors North Bay provide industrial lighting systems for plants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other large industrial complexes. Blue Sky Electrical & Construction has a team of electricians experienced in lighting installations and projects, including lighting upgrades, LED lighting, interior lighting, industrial outdoor lighting, and much more. Our company is committed to providing high-quality results and ensuring that every electrical lighting job meets your specifications.

Our certified lighting contractors can assess your industrial lighting needs, as well as resolve common electrical problems, like dimly lit rooms, buzzing lights, and faulty electrical systems. Call on us and we can inspect the industrial space that needs new lighting systems put in place. We will get to know the area, how the space is arranged, and when the most electricity is used.

From there, we can make suggestions and create a lighting system design and installation plan suited to your needs. Light fixtures and systems are installed by licensed electrical lighting contractors who understand the unique needs industrial complexes require. Our electricians strive to install, maintain, upgrade, and handle repairs in the most safe, reliable, and efficient way.



The team at Blue Sky Electrical & Construction is available to help you with your existing lighting systems and new lighting projects. Contact us today to set up an assessment and see how we can help you improve your industrial lighting infrastructures.


If you already have a lighting system, we offer maintenance plans to keep your systems in working condition. Whether it’s a routine maintenance visit, bulb replacements, or electrical systems inspection, we are on-call to assist you with your interior and exterior industrial lights.


Installing LED lighting in your industrial facility is an energy-efficient way to modernize the space and upgrade the lighting systems for boosted productivity. Additionally, LED lighting can save you money on your electric bills. So whether you’re involved in a new construction project or planning a renovation, our expert LED electrical contractors can assist you with your project from start to finish. We can help during the initial design phase, as well as install LED lighting infrastructures and fixtures.