Distribution Board Installation

Electrical distribution boards are an important part of an electrical system for commercial buildings. A power distribution board’s purpose is to evenly distribute the electrical supply through different circuits. Incoming power is controlled to prevent electrical overloads.

Distribution boards deliver electricity safely by providing the right voltage to each area of the building. Without the electrical distribution board, your building would have constant power shortages and overloads, which can lead to power outages, tripped wires, and electrical fires. Always make sure your distribution boards are functioning at optimal levels to ensure the safety of your commercial property and those who use it.

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The kind of electrical distribution board you need will depend on your commercial property’s needs and load requirements. Distribution panels must also be configured to meet local regulations in some areas. Types of power distribution boards include:

Single Phase Distribution Board (240V)

Single phase distribution boards are typically installed in residential properties, but can be used in commercial and industrial settings if the electricity load is light (lighting, electrical outlets, etc.).

Three Phase Distribution Board (600V)

Three phase distribution panels are usually installed in commercial and industrial buildings like hospitals, office complexes, schools, and where large equipment and machinery is used. Three phase panels provide more voltage to handle the heavier electric load commercial properties often require. Distribution boards of this type typically require cabling both above and below ground.



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