Electrical Panel Upgrades

Panel-Service Upgrade by Blue Sky Electrical in North Bay, ON

Electrical panels act as regulators for the electricity in your home. This means that if too much electricity is put on a circuit, the circuit breaker (located in the electrical panel) trips, which stops the electricity from overloading the wiring and causing a fire. The electrical panel is an essential system that keeps you, your loved ones, and your home safe.

As homes age and electrical gadgets increase, the electrical panels may have a tough time keeping up with the demand. Even if your appliances, systems, and gadgets are energy efficient, the quantity and usage can cause problems for electrical panels, especially in homes that are over 20 years old.

Signs of a Bad Electrical Panel

Malfunctioning electrical panels may produce flickering lights, the breakers will trip more often, or they’ll fail to trip and shock someone or cause smoke, melted wires, or a fire. Look out for these signs of a defective electrical panel:
  • Crackling sounds
  • Panel feels warm on the inside
  • Corrosion and/or rust on the circuit breakers
  • Home appliances run at less than full power
If you notice any of these issues or just suspect that you need a panel upgrade, our residential electrical contractors can assess your home’s electrical systems to see if you need repairs or a panel service upgrade.


The cost for panel upgrades depends on the site conditions and the type of project. Our electricians will carefully assess the existing wiring and installation site to make sure no additional repair is needed before the residential electrician can safely replace the panel. Price will also depend on something like whether we are switching out an old box for a modern one or simply installing a secondary electrical panel.

Contact Us for a Panel Upgrade

Keep your electrical systems healthy and your home and family safe with a panel upgrade. Our certified electricians can check your home’s panels to make sure they are working properly and whether they need to be repaired, expanded, or upgraded. We can also help you assess any additional power you might need if you’re doing home renovations. Our services range from residential wiring and in-floor heating to landscape lighting and backup generators.