Pot Light Installation

Pot lights, also called recessed lighting, are a popular lighting choice for homeowners in Ontario. Pot lights sit flush with the ceiling and provide a bright, modern look. These kinds of lights allow you to adjust the bulbs so that they point in whichever direction you choose, which makes it easy to highlight an area of a room. Furthermore, potlights produce low heat and are energy efficient, which means you can save money on your energy bills.

We can install recessed lighting in nearly any room, including kitchens, basements, living rooms, and bedrooms. We also install outdoor potlights, whether it’s to enhance the look of the space or improve the property’s security. Electricians make sure to install outdoor pot lights under eaves or soffits so they are guarded from the weather. Special low moisture and waterproof pot lights are available for homes that do not have sheltered spaces.

LED recessed lighting is an affordable way to highlight a room’s features, improve poorly lit areas, and add a modern, decorative element to any Canada home.


If you have low ceilings and don’t want to take up more space with hanging lights, potlights are an ideal alternative. Other areas of your home can benefit from recessed lighting, as well. Consider having a residential electrician install pot lights to give your home a new look. Recessed lighting can be used as:

Spotlighting: highlight decorative elements like artwork or special room features


Downlighting: spotlights, but still provides enough light for a room


Accent lighting: for complimenting contemporary interiors


Dimmers: adds versatility to multi-use rooms


Task lighting: potlights in kitchen or bathrooms that need extra lighting


Wall washing: a lighting technique that makes a room look larger



Lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, which can make it hard for homeowners to choose ones that will complement the rest of their decor. Recessed lighting takes care of that worry by providing a neutral, but modern style that brightens and enhances the look of any room.

After installation, you can tilt the lights in several directions, so you get illumination exactly where you want and need it. You can also create focal points by brightening a decorative piece or a work of art.