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    Blue Sky Electrical & Construction is a full-service electrical contractor based in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. We provide electrical construction and maintenance services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. We also provide interior and exterior renovation and remodeling for residential and commercial buildings.

    Our highly qualified electrical teams consist of licensed electricians, electrical contractors, and experienced construction managers. No job is too big or small, and we are able to work on a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical projects.

    Our Ontario electrician contractors are dedicated to providing professional electrical upgrades, maintenance, and replacement in homes and commercial buildings. We can also help with home and commercial renovation projects by providing construction planning and project management.

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    Blue Sky Electrical & Construction in North Bay, ON

    superior Electrical Construction Services

    Blue Sky Electrical & Construction in North Bay offers a range of essential electrical services, all performed by licensed electricians you can trust to get the job done safely and effectively. We take projects seriously because we know how important it is to maintain an electrical system. Clients can depend on us to support their most pressing needs, as well as address any other concerns they may have about keeping their electrical systems functioning properly.

    Our dependable and reliable North Bay electrical contractors tackle projects of all sizes and for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. From small house hot tub installation to large company electric repair, we have the knowledge and experience to serve a wide client base.

    Our services cover everything from home renovation and landscape lighting to retrofitting buildings and installing backup generators. We also provide 24-hour electrician support and emergency electrical services.



    Ensure the safety and comfort of everyone living in your home by maintaining the electrical systems of your residential property. But don’t do it alone! Reach out to the master electricians of Blue Sky Electric & Construction for quality electrical repair and maintenance.

    Whether it’s a small residential electrical wiring job or a full home renovation, we offer the best electrical services for your home. Our services are reliable, efficient, and affordable, and we always aim to provide professional results that exceed our customer’s expectations.

    We offer solutions for common residential electrical problems, from upgrading electrical panels and hot tub electrical installation to ceiling fan wiring and outdoor lighting.

    As an Ontario electrical contractor, our residential electrical services include:

    • Panel Service Upgrades
    • Residential Wiring
    • Potlights
    • Hot Tub Installation
    • Rewiring Knob & Tube
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Light Switches & Electrical
    • Receptacles
    • Troubleshooting
    • Electric In-floor Heating
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Backup Generators
    • EV Charger
    Our commercial electricians take on various projects, including:

    • Commercial Renovation
    • Electrical Service Upgrade
    • Electrical Maintenance
    • Office Lighting Upgrades
    • Switch Gear Installation
    • 3 Phase Electrical
    • Distribution Panels
    • New Circuit Installation
    • Rewiring Offices & Retrofitting
    • Buildings
    • New Installation Electrical
    • Equipment
    • Electric Car Charging Station


    Electrical Services

    Commercial properties are unique and the electrical projects involved require the expertise of certified electricians. Because we understand the complexities and challenges of these kinds of jobs, our team of North Bay electricians can handle and meet all of your commercial building requirements.

    We pride ourselves on producing commercial electrical systems that ensure the highest in safety and energy efficiency. We also know how important it is to provide our customers with the best, most current products and services available, and we aim to do that by staying current with the most recent education in electrical systems.

    From retrofitting buildings to electrical service upgrades and lighting systems, a certified commercial electrician from our team can handle any industrial property owner’s needs.


    Electrical Services

    Emergency and industrial electricians are at your service around the clock. We offer prompt responses and make sure we have everything we need to provide you with assistance as soon as possible.

    Even if you’re not experiencing an emergency, our certified electricians are reliable, efficient, and won’t stop working until everything is functioning properly. We always show up prepared and ready to tackle whatever electrical problems we may face.

    Whether it’s an electrical system fire, a smoking panel, or your industrial building is in need of electrical wiring, our professional technicians can get you up and running in no time.

    North Bay Hydro provides most of the power grid for our area.

    Blue Sky Electrical & Construction provides:

    • Electrical Install/Service
    • Electrical Wiring & Repair
    • 3 Phase Service Upgrades
    • Electrical Sub Panel Services
    • Electrical Duct Banks
    • Industrial Electrical Panels
    • Switch Gear Installation
    • Transformer Replacement & Installation
    • Industrial Backup Generators
    • Indoor & Outdoor Industrial Lighting
    • Lighting Installation
    • Electrical Receptacle & Switch Replacement
    • Parking Space EV Charging

    Construction Services

    Electrician in North Bay, ON

    Building from the ground up requires much more than the foundation. New buildings and homes still need electrical wiring, walls, carpentry and more. Fortunately, our expert technicians can make sure all of the electrical components are installed to specification and the design and layout of everything from the outdoor lighting to the floor plan is perfectly executed.

    Blue Sky Electrical & Construction can assist you with many types of building projects, from room additions and interior renovations to remodeling and new structures.

    Our construction services include:

    • Room Addition
    • Interior Renovations
    • Remodeling

    Why Choose Us

    Quality and safety are paramount when it comes to the electrical systems in and around residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Our licensed electricians are experienced in servicing homes, offices, industrial complexes, and commercial areas. We pay attention to the details and make sure everything is installed properly and meets code requirements. You can trust Blue Sky Electrical & Construction to provide you with the highest quality customer service, professional performance, and results that exceed your expectations.

    Renovation Services

    General Contractors

    Through our renovation services, you have access to fully qualified electrical contractors and general contractors who specialize in renovating and restoring homes and buildings. Our experts are committed to taking care of your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and home improvement needs.

    Whatever your remodeling job happens to be, we’ve got the know-how required to help you make the improvements and overhaul your existing electrical systems.

    When looking for an electrical contractor, you want someone who has experience and understands electrical services and professional renovation. Our general contractors have the skills necessary to complete your home improvement projects, whether it’s a kitchen makeover, a basement bathroom, or home additions.

    Our first-class service includes:

    Kitchen Renovations


    Basement Renovations


    Bathroom Renovations


    Home Improvement