3 Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance

Three phase power is typically used in commercial and industrial properties and is a common form of electrical supply for large installations. This is because large equipment consumes more electricity, and more power is achieved by increasing the voltage to a phase 3 electrical system. Multiple live wires provide voltage to each other through this kind of system and bring power to equipment like:


air conditioning units


heating units


uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS)


heavy machinery


motors and pumps

Three phase power combines three live wires, and the combination provides a multitude of voltage possibilities ranging from 120, 208, 347, 600 etc.
When installing a three phase power system, it is important to consider the issues you may encounter and how to deal with them. One such issue is phase balancing. In a three phase system, each of the phases must have equal amounts of current flowing through the conductors. When there is a disruption in balance, voltages can occur in the neutral conductor and conductors can exceed their capacity, causing blown fuses.

Blue Sky Electrical & Construction can take care of these problems and other 3 phase electrical issues that may arise.

Installing a three phase power system isn’t a quick or easy task, but it’s often worth it for commercial and industrial spaces, especially if you’re using large equipment. Installation may require demolition of pavement or road area. Consider how this will affect traffic flow and services you provide.



Commercial property owners should consider three phase power for several reasons. One benefit is that it requires smaller conductors than a single phase system and gives a continuous energy supply to the load. Therefore, there is higher efficiency and minimum loss with a three phase system.

The other major advantage to having a three phase power system is that it provides constant electrical power at a better efficiency than single phase systems.