Industrial Electrical Wiring and Repair

The industrial market has unique electrical needs that commercial and residential electricians are not always capable of handling. Fortunately, Blue Sky Electrical & Construction has a dedicated team of industrial electrical contractors who know how to properly and safely work on industrial wiring.

Our licensed electricians can handle electrical wiring and repairs of all kinds, including those involving large electrical systems and installations. We offer general electrical wiring services for industrial customers, and employ 24 hour emergency electricians to help you with your pressing electrical problems.

All of our services are provided by certified electricians who have experience handling industrial electrical systems.


Electrical Repair and Wire Replacement

Outdated and old wiring can wreak havoc on industrial equipment and electrical systems. Even the smallest malfunctions can cause costly damage to the important systems that keep your business up and running. Faulty wiring also poses safety risks to the buildings and the people working within them. We can inspect your electrical lines, panels, and systems to make sure everything is running smoothly. If we find issues, we provide electrical wiring and repair fixes to ensure your facility is a safe and productive place.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Constantly tripping circuit breakers can lead to electrical damage and fires. Upgrading electrical panels and circuit breaker systems ensures your industrial complex is safe from these issues and that machinery and heavy equipment continues to function efficiently. An electrician can also install higher-capacity electrical wiring throughout the circuit, should it be necessary.

Electrical Code Updates

Making sure your industrial facility meets Ontario electrical code is imperative. If you’re not sure whether the electrical systems that run your building meet the requirements, our industrial electricians can inspect the property and let you know if you need wiring upgrades, new electrical panels, and the like.

Receptacle and Switch Replacement

Some older buildings are not outfitted with GFCI outlets. If your industrial facility is still working off two-prong outlets, you aren’t meeting building codes. Upgrading electrical receptacles and switches will protect your facility and provide safe reliable electrical power.


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This is only a sampling of the electrical wiring services Blue Sky Electrical & Construction offers Ontario industrial customers. Contact us today to enquire about our industrial electrical services and how we can help you.