Industrial Three Phase Electrical Power

3 Phase Service Upgrades – Three phase power is a popular electrical system for industrial and commercial properties due to its flexibility and ability to support heavy power loads. Large equipment and machinery consumes more power, and a 3-phase electrical system is able to provide enough power to units through an AC circuit and three wires. The combination of three live wires provides a greater efficiency for electricity to industrial equipment like:


air conditioning units


heating units


uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS)


heavy machinery


motors and pumps

Three phase power systems are cost-effective to install during new construction because it uses smaller wiring and conduits. It also offers three times the amount of electric power compared to a single phase electrical system. Industrial complexes can use three phase power to run interior and exterior lighting, water heating units, and heavy machinery less power consumption overall with better efficiency.



3 Phase Service Upgrades: Three phase power has many advantages for industrial property owners. First is that it’s cost-effective. It’s less expensive to install a 3-phase electrical power system than to install multiple single phase systems. If you’re running multiple machines and heavy equipment, three phase power is more financially beneficial in that you won’t have to install as many systems.
Another benefit is that three phase power provides constant electrical voltages. This means your equipment operates with less strain on it’s own components.

Three phase power takes up less space and is easier to maintain due to its power density. Overall, there are fewer circuit breakers, resistors, and conductors to deal with, making the system more efficient. The circuit density and smaller wiring system saves you space, time, and money. With less to manage, fewer things go wrong, and if something does go wrong, issues are generally easy to locate and repair.

Whether you need us to install a new 3 phase electrical power supply or your existing three phase system needs repairs or maintenance, Blue Sky Electrical & Construction can handle your concerns and help you with the electrical issues in your industrial, commercial, and residential spaces.